Reality Based Sport- Fencing

In the sport of fencing, saber fencing is the most like the sword battle of yore. Sabers weigh the most and are the biggest of all fencing equipment. The saber is truly a sword with a honed edge along the sides, different than the epee and fencing foil. Sabre fencing has a totally unique strategy and set of rules making it more challenging and yet more complicated at the same time. Side touches are allowed in this sport and the whole body above the waist is fair game, except for the back of the head, the hands and the wrists. The chance for greater points and more complicated and involved strategies is because double touching is not permitted. Fencing comes from the real use of swords as weapons of warfare, and these swords had functional points and edges, so that they could both pierce and slash. The sabre blade is most like the fighting sword in appearance and function. It is a bit stiffer than the other swords.

Sabre Fencing

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